Diva By Cindy


A native of Ghana, West Africa and current resident of Baltimore, Maryland, Cindy Tawiah, the CEO of “Diva by Cindy” offers the knowledge and key ingredients to achieving stronger and overall healthier hair for her consumers, all while changing lives through philanthropy.

Cindy’s interest in the beauty industry began at the age of sixteen, inspired by a Chemistry teacher who helped her with the process of creating nail polish and other beauty products. However, due to  pressure from her family to gain a career that would be substantially more promising, Cindy earned her degree in Nursing from Manchester University and went on to begin her medical career as a Registered Nurse at Bon Secours Hospital, located in Baltimore, MA. for thirteen years.

After years of being unhappy in the medical industry and passion for beauty continued to thrive, Tawiah decided to take a leap of faith and open her own hair salon. From the beginning this new venture seemed “meant to be,” literally.

The code to turn the lights on for the salon was 2,4, 69. That is my birthday,” says Tawiah. “ I just remember feeling this was a sign that I was moving in my purpose

After five years of being in business, Cindy realized her hair salon “Shades of U Hair and Beauty” had fulfilled it’s purpose, leading her to create her own hair products and she happily decided not to renew the lease.

Cindy continued to remain encouraged and quickly realized that creating her own beauty brand was exactly what she needed to do. In 2007, “Diva by Cindy,” a multi-ethnic hair-care line was created. “Diva by Cindy” provides a line of products that improves the hair and scalp, stimulates growth and prevents hair from shedding and breakage.

We’re not just selling you a product, we want to make you feel good.” says Tawiah.



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