Game Changer Milagro Lopez

Florida native Milagro Lopez came up with the perfect idea to keeping the celebration of love intimate. After planning her own wedding and realizing the gap between expensive and inexpensive wedding she decided to create her company Pop of Love Florida. Which, caters to the couple looking to have a exquisite wedding at an inexpensive price.  

With her new entrepreneurial passion of creating the ultimate wedding experience Milagro told us:

I didn’t know how to start my entrepreneurial journey until I started planning my own wedding. I did tons of research on weddings, and found this “new craze” called Pop Up Weddings that are really popular overseas in places like UK, Australia, etc. Kinda like a Vegas style wedding but with more elegance and without the cheesy Elvis impersonator! lol. I loved everything about this idea! I couldn’t sleep at night because I couldn’t stop thinking about the nontraditional but yet edgy idea of Pop Up Weddings! That’s when I knew that this was my passion! To give others a beautiful wedding experience but keep it intimate enough to celebrate their unique love! I love celebrating love, it’s a beautiful thing! 

2016, was when her idea became into full fruition creating stylish elopements and sweet free renewals. Mrs. Lopez turned the beautiful beaches and landscapes of Florida intro her business blueprint as an affordable stress free way to get married at affordable prices.

Most people get married at the courthouse to save money but what we are is an alternate option so you can still have a wedding without breaking the bank! The average wedding costs anywhere from 10K-60k or more! So what we do are ceremonies for people eloping or small intimate ceremonies with just a handful of family & friends! You still get to wear the dress, walk down the aisle, take those fabulous photos that you won’t stop sharing on IG, and say “I do” while still keeping thousands in YOUR pocket

As a resident of Tampa, Fland from planning her own wedding she knows first hand how to have destination wedding without the passport as Milagro would describe it. Inspired from her own personal experience of planning her own wedding Milagro says;

While planning my own wedding, I noticed there was a gap in the wedding planning industry! There was no in between with price ranges, it was either expensive or more expensive! There was no in between with price ranges, it was either expensive or more expensive! People don’t realize the wedding starts to become a huge production show of planning and accommodating guests! Before you know the thousands you could have put down on a house, now is being spent on a wedding that will be over in a few hours. I was inspired to fill this gap because I know it would be life changing for most people! Pop Up Weddings aren’t for everybody but there are plenty who would benefit from having one! 

With the full support of her family and close friends Milagro was destined to achieve greatness. Seeing her vision come into full fruition has not only grew her to have a sentimental value to her each of her clients for allowing them to trust her with creating their perfect moment, but it has also grew her to create a go-getter nature to bring awareness of the prominent moments that can be created without breaking the bank. Milagro describes Pope of Love Florida in four simple words and phrases:

Love – Because we stand for and celebrate ALL kinds of love!

Honesty – We are always as honest as possible with our clients!

Family Orientated – I’m a family woman who does weddings that brings families together! Family is everything!

Game Changing – Changing the way people think about weddings and breaking the tradition!

If you are in the market of searching for the perfect wedding at an inexpensive price go checkout on Pop of Love at to make that day intimate and special.