6 Reasons Of Why You May Feel Stagnant

# Not Focused: This is a no brainer fact. Allowing yourself to be easily districted, and letting your idea die out are easily proven facts that some way some how you were not fully dedicated to what you were preaching. Consistency and your integrity is all you have to show your worth. 




#Doubts are bigger than your actions: It is easy to doubt yourself. We doubt ourselves in almost every aspect of our lives. Take a step back and think why are you really doing this? If you can think of 3 great reasons that makes sense as to why you're doing what you do, than keep pushing for it. Because nobody will believe in what you don't believe in yourself.




#talk too much: This is one of the most detrimental things when starting to build your brand. Many times people talk their self into comfort and eventually into excuses. This is detrimental because building believers with nopredetermined direction will only leave a deceitful feeling amongst your supporters. Talk less and act more is the only way to prove you are about your word.



#you never tried: Don't get upset at the company that dropped with the same idea you had in mind. Remember no matter what is done, there is always room for improvement. Not trying at all just creates room for the another individual to move and upgrade your idea.  So, don't act bitter with thoughts “that could have been me”, or “I had a a idea like that”. Be the person with the same improved idea, instead of the individual with the same idea that nobody knew about.


#Worried too much of what other people think:  Learn how to absorb the punches along with the high fives. Worrying what other people think about you will only pull you down to be a crab in a barrel. Learn to progress, overcome, and move forward because nobody can deliver your idea better than yourself



#Rely too much on other people: Relying on other people can sometimes be the formula for your biggest FAILURE. If you really want it, you can make it. Yes there are times you need an extra hand to get things done. But the real question is how bad do you really want it? How happy are you are when you think of your vision? Who is the most reliable? If you can answer any of those questions with a solid answer, than I guess its that time “YOU NEED TO GET UP, AND DO YOU BOO”