Fliptendo:Don't Get Left Behind

Don’t get left behind - The minute your unable to understand what going on in technology you become prey to capitalism and simply a consumer. Don’t become a technological Dinosaur
— Jeremiah Benjamin

With a keen understanding of the Tech industry Jeremiah Benjamin used his tech skills to build his own device to the Virtual Reality experience named Fliptendo. Carrying the same capabilities as the Samsung and Google version of the VR experience, Fliptendo comes with the added feature of a wireless controller providing users with the additional VR video game experience.

We met with the Los Angelos, California native Jeremiah Benjamin on FaceTime. To obtain a deeper understanding of his inspiration to create the Fliptendo VR glasses.  With a background in Tech as a digital architecture Jeremiah had an insiders understanding of what was next in tech after the mobile experience loses virility.  Jeremiah’s main focus behind creating Fliptendo was to provide the VR experience to everyone no matter the individual’s financial position. As a person working in Tech Jeremiah explained his frustration with the lack of exposure children were having to the forward thinking tech world, and the educational benefits of their gadgets.

After, realizing the markets void of only supplying products that were accessible to limited amounts of people he decided to create Fliptendo. Through extensive research last year Jeremiah teamed up with manufactures in China to make his idea come into fruition. On December 20th, 2016 Jeremiah released the VR glasses and Interestingly, within 5 days of releasing he was completely sold out of the 80 items he had in stock marketing at $65 per box. Jeremiah explained his feelings about the buyers market as;

We as people of color have the more buying power because we are the the consumers. So, why not buy from each other instead of investing into the big companies that don’t usually have our best interest

This is why the only place you can find Fliptendo online is on www.webuyblack.com, which is a black owned and supported market place similar to Amazon., or direct sale.  He is a strong believer in supporting the African American community and keeping the money circulating within the community, to educate and strengthen individuals within the community. 

With a riveting name like Fliptendo Jeremiah certainly did not take any credit for creating it.  One day while brainstorming with his little cousins for a classic but memorable name that is when it hit. While playing with the prototype and sitting at his kitchen table Jeremiah’s god brother suggested naming the product Fliptendo.  Fliptendo was a play on his neighborhood name Flip.  Jeremiah decribes Fliptendo as:

Fliptendo to be looked on as the solution to start giving people inspiration to break the gap between the tech world and under priveledge people that think it is unattainable. Unconventional because where he came nobody would have ever imagined he was the driving force behind the brand, and inspirational because he wants to inspire people to know they can do it too.

To learn more details about Fliptendo go follow them on instagram @fliptendo_vr or go support by purchasing your VR glasses on www.webuyblack.com