Age Ain't Nothing But a Number

I came across the Young Boss Savannah Britt after reading an article about the youngest editor of a magazine. This young lady has tasted the entrepreneurial life ever since she was 12 years old when she published her magazine name Girlpez a fashion magazine inspired to empower girls.


In the interview we did with Savannah Britt she tells us about her journey, growth, and inspirations. She starts off with why she started the Girlpez magazine:

“I was writing for a publication called Kitchen Table News when I was nine years old. Eventually the publication folded and I was left unemployed. So I thought: hmm why not start my own?”

This was interesting to find out because Unemployment is the last thing on most 9 year olds minds. I already was intrigued by her drive to start her own magazine at such a young age. But now, her dedication stood out to me. With the support of her parents Savannah Britt’s drive was unstoppable. She explains;

My parents have been very supportive of everything that I do. I’ve been doing this since I was nine. If I needed a ride somewhere or needed money, whatever it was they were supportive. They treated my entrepreneurial endeavors like a parent would handle anything else in their child’s life, like supporting a kid who plays soccer or runs track.

I was curious to know how did she feel so comfortable at a young age to hold such a prestige title being the editor-in-chief and head of marketing of her own magazine. Savannah confidently responded.

I have been determined to make whatever I do a success. I knew my magazine would be a success as soon as I wrote out the actual business plan. I created my business plan around my targeted goals and the steps to take to get to them. It’s very simple! 

The journey as Savannah explained definitely was not easy: 

“When I was younger, there was definitely a stigma behind my age. A lot of people don’t take you seriously when you show up to a business meeting being only twelve years old. I overcame it by allowing my work to speak for itself.”

“I was definitely exposed to adults at a young age. I was twelve years old working in an industry with people much older than me. I learned how to negotiate business at a young age, much of what I still use today.”

Being exposed to so much real world experiences at such a young age has structured a mature character in this young women. But by now, I know most people are wondering how other people reacted to her success. As we all know the negativity does not only come from the people you encounter in business, but it also comes from people in your everyday life. Savannah told us;

A lot of people are proud of my success and of course there’s always going to be haters. To me haters don’t exist in my mind. I’m such a positive person so negativity doesn’t faze me.

Now, at the age of 22 Savannah does not only own a magazine, but she also is CEO of her own PR firm named GP & Britt. Her firm represents Fat Joe, Ryan Leslie, Smoke DZA, Cassidy, Anthony Chad Styles, Milyn Jansen, Kaelynn Harris, Darrel Noah, and etc. The inspiration to start the firm was always a thought raddling in her mind. She explains her inspiration to start her own PR firm as:

I’ve known for a while that I wanted to do PR. Having my own publication, I worked alongside many publicists and their clients for many years. I was exposed to PR at a young age and instantly knew I wanted to do it. I’ve been doing PR since 2011

Interestingly skills she gained seems to be skills to last a lifetime, Savannah describes her growth as:

I grew my company through lots of cross promoting once again. I’m also teaming up and collaborating with lots of cool people, brands, and events. Past and present brands I’ve collaborated with include: Jay Swag News, Guest of a Guest, Junior Biz, Dr. Kay Green, Darrol Noah, Anthony Chad Styles

Savannah definitely has no regrets in her journey she says I wouldn't change anything. I've learned so many things along my journey that I've created who I am today. I'm very grateful of the entrepreneurial journey God has allowed me to take!”.  The advice that she offers to anybody in the journey of entrepreneurship is:

Map out a business plan and follow the steps to get to your end goal. I’m all about mapping out and planning things. I’m also a big fan of cross promotion, collaborating with dope brands and people lead to dope outcomes.

Savannah Britt came, saw, and conquered. And, until this day she is still working towards achieving more goals. She knew early on age was just a number because she knew her value had more meaning. This young woman is not only an example of allowing your skills to speak for itself, but an inspiration of how far your skills can really take you. Before the age of 20 Savannah Britt managed to build a magazine, and PR firm just by being confident in what she has to bring to the table.