So, You Want To Drop Everything And Start Over

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I use to be a strong believer that in order for you to have a successful business you must drop everything to fully focus on what you want to do. Until, I actually did that a couple of years ago and I realized that reality does not work for everyone. What I found out the hard way was  I thought of my exit plan from the corporate world very Immaturely. I left with the hopes of I will just live off my savings. At the time I was still in school and paying for school out of my pocket, so that first months payment and buying books took a major hit to my self-employed journey. I managed for about 3 months living off my savings, but I found myself towards the end of the semester right back on the market searching for a job. 

The reality of everything is what works for everyone else may not work for you. Through my journey the strongest lesson I learned was I have to always keep in mind are the 4 D's. Determination, Dedications, Desire, a Discipline because nobody will understand your decisions better then you, and the distractions will be tremendous if you don't have the will power to control a situation. I was having a conversation with a friend of mine that owns her own business. She was telling me sometimes you have to drop everything because that puts you in a place where you have no choice, but to make sure you are always on top of everything. I definitely agree with her 100%. But, in order for that to be possible you must have a plan that will generate some type of reliable income stream. I for one can agree if you are going to quit your 9-5 without a plan, you might as well have that second job lined up because it will be hard. There are many ways to create an income, but before you start making announcements to quit your job ask yourself and also answer this question. Will my idea create a sustainable INCOME for myself?