Creative Touch By Jus Desserts

Who does not love tasty decadent desserts? Especially, when it has been whipped into your child's favorite fictional character, or the item you would buy over and over again no matter the cost. The lady to call to create those lovable items into edible treats would be 24-year-old Justina Ragoonanan owner of Jus Desserts.



In 2013, Justina Ragoonanan turned her spectators obsession into a full blown profitable business after being Inspired to be a Cake Boss from the Cake Boss himself Buddy Valastro. Mesmerized, by Bubby Valastro's talent of creating interesting items with just a cake and edible products Justina immediately started self-teaching herself how to bake. Shortly after she enrolled in culinary school to get a more in depth understanding of the craft of baking. After receiving her associates in culinary arts with a little help from her mother to kick start her own company Justina sold her first cake May 4th, 2013. Justina explained;

I worked at a small bakery, which was definitely beneficial since I would like to have my own small bakery. I learned a lot of how that works. I also interned for a couple of weeks at The Water Club under their Head Pastry Chef. I learned the difference between being a pastry chef at a restaurant and owning your own store.

Justina has grown to be a thriving baker. Most customers have to book her weeks in advance because she is consistently working on someones' order. Surprisingly, as busy as Justina is with baking and crafting edible treats one would think Justina would be quite the social butterfly, but Justina told us;  

I’ve never been much of a people person, I rather be behind the scenes but running my own business has forced me to begin to change that. I have always considered myself as a creative soul, which is probably why the cake decorating aspect of my business is my favorite part. I love to recreate a persons vision while adding my personal touch to it.

Through this experience of running her own business Justina has learned a great value in understanding the 4 D's discipline, dedication, determination, and desire.  She has grown to be more patient and to know her capabilities much better.  The sacrifices Justina has made she explains is something most of her friends and family do not understand, But, she keep challenging herself breaking milestones by consistently finding herself overbooked weeks at a time. Justina's message to people aspiring to get into culinary arts is;


My advice is make sure this is something you love to do, so it doesn’t have to feel like work. I wish someone told me how hard the food industry really it. It is one of the toughest industries to be in, but once you have a passion for it, it will always be worth it. Also remember that everyone has to start out somewhere so if you ever feel like you aren’t getting moving up, just keep working hard and have patience and it will come