Why Do People Cheat

I recently came across an interview from Hot 97 where  rapper Remy Ma and radio host Rosenberg gave relationship advice. In this interview rapper Remy Ma laid some gems to a man that wrote in about his assumptions of his wife cheating on him. There are many reasons to why a person would cheat on their significant other, but we can save that for another article. But, one of the main reasons is due to the feeling of lack. Lack of feeling loved, lack of feeling noticed, or even lack of being touched. When you are in tuned with your significant these feelings can be easily detected. But, once those barriers are questioned the doors for subconscious cheating can easily open. The connection built between to individuals can be easily torn through another's self distractions. Checkout this clip below and let us know your thoughts. Can two play the game of cheating, or who is really in the wrong?