Should You Go To College Or Just Follow Your Dreams

Graduate college top of your class. Get a great t job which will create a great lifestyle suitable to your personal needs. Move up to management until one day you may become the person calling all the shots. BUT IS THAT IT? Now a days I find that many people are quitting their jobs to purse career choices that they always had lingering in the back of their heads. After all that hard work in school, the dream job that you landed paying top dollar. You mean to tell me you were not happy and fulfilled? Well this just brings me to one question. Can college actually be Plan B for some people?

I believe in the society we live in today Plan A, Plan B, Plan C are well needed no matter what you choose to do, or which career path you choose to take. In today's world many people are choosing Plan B College over their dream and passion. Which in fact I think is smart idea. Look at it like this there will always be extra cushion for when your pillow gets flat. In meaning you can still have a reliable source of income if things do not meet up to your expectations.

I for one understand how to work somewhere that I constantly feel that this is not just it for me. I just want to bring the point that just because an individual looks like they’re at the top of their game it does not mean they are fully fulfilled in their career choices.  Perfect example in the business world every year many people leave lucrative positions to take on other opportunities that are completely opposite to what they went to school for, or what everyone originally known them for doing. But, knowing that if they fail at their new endeavors they can always go back to a field that they have the education, and the credentials to succeed. Following your dreams is fun and will bring the greatest feeling of fulfillment. But, being broke is not fun.