Gist Of Networking

To gain and share experiences with the world one should consider building, connecting and supporting their local networks. As of recent, networking has become somewhat of a lost art for Millennials, and has been replaced with rants on social media, violent videos, popularity contests, and get rich quick schemes. Interestingly, it is more likely to strike an impressive date on Tinder than getting rich overnight. P.S plan for long-term financial stability. In this day and age of pop culture, social media, fast cars, and beautiful women. The average person can get easily caught in the rip tides of the Internet, and these distractions can cause them to not make it back to shore. Yes, having a phone to surf the web is an easy way to keep up with the latest trends and topics. But, could it be possible that we have stifled our growth with the senselessness activities we allow to consume our minds on our phones?

Networking has grown to become the vital skill in today's technological driven society. It is the supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interests which, is similar to the foundation of successful web platforms and myspace. The gist of networking is if you put your friends, peers, and co-workers on to new waves and cool peoples, hopefully they may return the favor and do the same for you. For example, suppose I'm a local artist performing at a gig filled with local and state connects. After my performance, I get approached by a brand enthusiast who likes my music and style saying. ''Hey I think you'd be a great artist to represent our clothing line''. This is what you call networking, and it happens every day 24/7 across the globe. Networking not only involves music it involves anything you have a keen interest for such as business, science, poetry, fashion, art, real estate, sports, and the list goes on. Networking is more than a word it's a way of life. Support and collaborate with the creatives around you and it can open up a world of endless connections.