Making your Vision Clear

Creating a vision board is all about putting your future goals and expectations in front of you. You can use words, phrases or actually pictures but, your goal should be to make your vision clear. The best advice I have received was to create my vision board in sections; first start with my short term goals that can be accomplished in less than a year, then move to my long term goals that usually would take longer than a year to accomplish. This actually helped me sit back and think instead of just adding any random thing that came to mind on my board.

My first vision board was in 2013. I don’t even think I created my vision board with a large piece of construction paper. I just glued a bunch of pieces of 8 x 11 colorful construction paper together to make my board. At the time I was approaching my 2-year anniversary working at various companies as a freelance accountant and I was ready for a change to start working a stable position. I only wanted to work in the production industry, and I was determined to have a job working in finance within that industry. When I made my vision board I put a pictures of people in what looks like were business meetings, financial charts, and a picture of a movie that was going to release that year (not sure of the movie name right now). I hung my vision board on the wall at a place where I can see it and starred at it every day when I woke up. About 2 weeks later after creating my vision board I received an email from a production company I had interviewed with about a month prior that they wanted to offer me a position working in their accounting department.  

What I learned from creating my first vision board is that putting my vision into perspective helped me work harder to bringing it into fruition vision board helps to put your goals to the front end of your perspective for the days you may forget or feel unmotivated by consistently reminding you to get up and do what you have to do to accomplish those goals.  This is why they say put your vision board somewhere you will always see it. So, grab your scissors, magazine, markers, glue, a large piece of construction paper, and lets put your vision into perspective.