Shea Moisture: The importance of Knowing Your Market

So, I am sure by now you heard of the backlash behind the controversial Shea Moisture Advertisement campaign that incorporated women of other racial backgrounds and a mixed girl as a representation of the benefits of using their products. The reason of the consumer clap back because interestingly, Shea Moisture is a product line that is heavily used by natural women of color who has 4C hair.  As a black women I usually do not write about media trending topics because I want Makadrez to be a place of positive media coverage, but this really caught my attention. So, randomly last night I came across this fun quirky video from Naturally Curly that basically proved not all hair products and hair regimens are made for all hair types. A women of color with thick 4C hair traded her hair products and hair regime with her friend that happened to be Caucasian with much lower density straight hair. And, her friend did the same. The Caucasian women clearly in the video was opposed by the ingredients in the Shea moisture products the black women clearly used regularly because they were too heavy for her hair. When I saw this commercial I actually was confused when I saw a white women gloating about the benefits of using Shea Moisture because Shea Moisture is a heavily moisturized product line that can easily way down hair of lower density just as the women repeatedly said in the Naturally Curly video.

I do understand the backlash, but this is why there has to be more diversity in these big companies. It makes no sense to sell to a certain demographic if everyone on a sales and marketing team is of one demographic. Their advertisements will be based on their personal preference this just makes me wonder if corporate is even aware of their audience. Because, anybody who uses this product line knows it is not made for certain hair types.