Real Talk : Millennials Want Fame

Today on The Real the Girl Chat topic was “ Millennial’s Want fame” I cannot talk for everyone because I do believe we are all entitled to our own opinions. But, I have to agree and say YES!! Now-A-Days the 15 min of fame is not only discovered on TV from shows or one hit wonder artists. It is now found just swiping through your phone. The substance of gaining fame is lost and it is now passed around like smores at a campfire. The ladies touched on a variety of examples, but one thing I cannot agree with more as they referenced different examples “Don’t Believe The Hype”. As a millennial I see it all the time especially with women with the new term “instagram models”, and people showing off their lavish lifestyle. In some cases it actually started real respected careers for these women and in other cases it just designated to these women having lots of followers and lifestyles that look lavish on instagram. Some people would choose the lavish lifestyle over the respected career, but there is a good and bad to it when you take a closer look. It all just depends on the route the individual choose to drive. Checkout the ladies from The Real thoughts on this topic and let me know your thoughts.