We live in an era where texting is the new form of contact. Most people enjoy texting because it saves time on having hour long pointless awkward conversations. Or, texting just gives you the perfect timing to respond to a person once you get your thoughts fully together.

But, even though you may be comfortable with texting. Would you consider it to be acceptable to get asked on a date through a text? So, a few days ago I was having a intense conversation with a few colleagues about the appropriate way to ask a women on date. One of my colleagues was hands down against accepting a date through a text, but my other colleague was open to the idea due to certain individuals circumstances. I decided to preset the scenario of meeting someone during your lunch break, and that individual sending you a text to meet them for lunch.

"What if you are out on lunch and you happen to meet someone and the person texts you the next day or maybe later on that evening they are interested in meeting with you for lunch at abc restaurant? Would you accept their offer to go out for lunch?"

Interestingly, based on this scenario my colleagues that would have considered the idea of accepting a date through text, actually switched her point of view and said she would not accept this date because it was too short notice, which I would agree as being a very reasonable answer. But, my other colleague still held her ground and was still against accepting any date through text. Her argument was she would never accept a date from a man she never had some type of conversation with over the phone because she had to feel out the guy to know if he was really worth going out with. At this point now I was like "REALLY,  THE PHONE", as busy as people are now a days talking on the phone can sometimes feel like a chore . I am curious to know what would you do in a scenario like this? Would you accept a date through text? Or, do you think that he would have to put a little more effort for that first date?