Throwback: Filling Pieces

We had a chance to speak with an exclusive source of the Filling Pieces line to get some inside scoop on the brand and their future projects. Filling Pieces was started by Gullieume Philbert Chin in Amsterdam, and has vastly ventured to many different cities and countries during the few years of the company has been in business.


There are a couple of words I can use when describing the styles of this brand, and those words are simply uniquely dope.  Finally the perfect shoe has been created to throw a touch of classic, modern, style to the everyday sneaker guy closet.  It blew me away to find out that each shoe was handmade to the finest details using the finest leathers with vulcanized rubber cup soles. This was very interesting to find out because everyone knows the true worth of a shoe truly comes after a year when you see the looks of the bottom sole.


Filling Pieces can be found in some of the hottest stores in the U.S, Europe, Asia, Germany, Canada, South America, Turkey, London, and the list goes on. In, Spring of 2014 Filling Pieces opened their flagship store located in the UK city of  London carrying all their latest fashions. To kick off the stores opening the brand also launched  a limited edition of their black 3m low tops .

The Filling Pieces brand has vastly grown to be a world wide brand boxing the classic sneaker into the classic matured shoe with the classic feel of still being a sneaker. You can check out their website at for some new dope designs.