Building Your Network As A Starving Artist

In an age where technology plays a major role in society and with social media being in high demand; underground artist and entertainers are beginning  to make it work to their advantage as far as advancing their career. Many of todays amazing talents have gone from the struggle to the stride; creating a buzz that would ensure them a spot on the public's radar.  One has to decide if they are starving to reach their goals and dreams ready to make things or are they just hungry not determined to make any efforts towards change. While everyone climbs the entertainment latter does anyone know the difference between being hungry and being and when do they hit the breaking point and switch up the tactics?

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Taking notes from some of the well known faces on youtube from comedians to fashion bloggers, singers and designers such as Joe Santagato, Raven Elyse, Dondria aka PhatPhat  and one of my personal favorites Shameless Maya.; these creators have learned how to turn youtube as their platform into getting recognized  for what they love to do as well as network with future prospects. Using what their skills and talents to reel people in and sticking to it, unlike many of their fellow youtubers that started and failed without building subscribers they stuck to it and the rewards came pouring in. When I say rewards it can be from anything to a feature on major networks as well as well known sites. These vloggers have made it a point to make a name for theirselves and so can you.


There should be no shame to this game, all the greats and rising stars have shown and proven to live by these three E’s: Explore, Exploit and Expand. Being a nomad seems to work for many while staying put works as well in the case of New york street/train performers it has taken an older group that goes  by Showtime! to great lengths. By sticking to their lane the train performers were featured on an episode of Vh1. When it came to the second E, in which some tend to shy away from exploiting [not in a bad way] their talents. Showtime mirrored determination not by begging for a helping hand but by putting their self out there in hopes that people enjoyed their performance. As subway performers they had the bonus of racking at least one to two hundred dollars a day in addition to having a regular nine to five a few days out of the week, and spending close to nothing as using the subway as their stage. Lastly expand; networking and expanding as far creating relationships genuinely with unexpected people show the drive and determination that all starving artists have for their dreams.

If taking it to the street is just too much and has proven to be the case for many artist types. Take it to the web making social media their personal connects such as instagram, facebook, twitter, soundcloud and tumblr among many other sites that are perfect for branding and branching out. When artists utilize these plugs the right way they are constantly involved and automatically scene as valid. You cannot be hungry if you are not putting your best foot forward because you must always be ready to grind and be relentless when it comes to achieving your aspirations and goals.