Major Music Labels

With the Internet carrying the same relevance to a television the use of major labels have started becoming irrelevant when it comes to breaking new artists. The cushion of a major label  behind a new artist is less of a need because many artists are entering the industry without that help. The use of their personal networks, and amazing work are speaking on behalf their potential. Free streaming websites like Soundcloud, connections with DJ's, Instagram, the use of personal networks and sharing the possibilities are now endless on how to have that major break that can have those major labels looking for you. Not every artist that is bumping on your radio received their break through major labels. Dope Artists like;

The Weeknd- In 2010 Toronto native The Weeknd started posting music on Youtube. A year later he released a song on Youtube named “What You Need” that instantly went viral within the first 2 weeks. Shortly after Pitchfork wrote a review on the song saying this is the song to listen to. Following Pitchfork’s review Drake gave the Weeknd a shoutout on twitter urging fans to go listen to his music. He then dropped the famous mixtape with the ballons on the cover “House of Ballons” that included the popular song “Crew Love” and "Wicked". Fast forward now the Weeknd holds a long list of awards just to name a few that includes 2 Grammy’s, 7 Billboard awards, 2 ASCAP awards.

Chance The Rapper- In 2011 Chicago native Chance the Rapper received a 10 days suspension for smoking weed in High School. This time away from school helped him birth his skills in rap. After the full 10 days he had a full mixtape complete titled 10 days. Originally, Chance the Rapper did not immediately release the whole mixtape. He released just a few songs that quickly gained traction in Chicago. A whole year later in 2012 he released the full mixtape on Datpiff where he received over 400,000 downloads. From There his career in music kick started. Now 5 years later he holds a portfolio working with top producers/artists like Kanye West on the life of Pablo and 3 Grammy’s.

Dom Kennedy: Los Angeles rapper Dom Kennedy is not a new player in the industry. Since 2008, he has been going at it independently turning down deals from major labels working in his own lane under his own label The OpM Company abbreviated for Other people’s Money. In 2010 he really started gaining traction when he released the mixtape “From the Westside With Love” causing him to be listed in Billboards first Top 100 albums. That received over 100,000 downloads. At this point he already was receiving international traction, but he really started popping more in the US HipHop community with that album. Following that Dom Kennedy released countless of mixtapes such as “Yellow Album” that included his hit song “My Type of Party”, the album Get Home Safely became a critically acclaimed album. He has been featured on many major HipHop blogs, and doing shows around the world. Dom Kennedy dropped his last album around Christmas Los Angeles is Not For Sale Vol 1.

The possibilities are truly endless, but the footwork is what makes an artist standout among others. Visuals, music, and consistency are key. With the right visuals a whack song can easily become great. Consistency and effort are key to dopeness.