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So, I came from lunch and was walking down the hallway to catch the elevator back to my office when the security started calling down the hallway mam, mam, mam I did not pay the security no mind at first because I did not think he was talking to me. I stopped to turn around and see who was he screaming down the hallway to stop. Well, that mam happened to be me. The security ran up to me and handed me one of my box braids that fell out the back of my head. I was so embarrassed at that moment, but I just had to laugh and say thank you
— Kathryn, NY
I had just gotten my hair done and I went out that same night with a few friends because I was feeling like a new women. The club we went to was really hot and dark. Towards the end of the night I started talking to this guy and While I was giving him my number the lights of the club came on and he looked at me as if he was shocked and said he will be right back because his friend was calling him. Well, long story short I did not wait for him to come back and I decided to leave. When I got in the car and looked in the mirror I looked like I got slapped with a bag of WTF the roots of my hair had shrunk back to it’s natural state, and my eyeliner started to run. The only thing that looked good was my newly installed weave, but it was also looked a little half sweated out because it started sticking to my face. I laughed at myself when I realized I looked like a hot mess. I guess my friend would have been calling me too
— Ashley, NY
So, I went to the beach with a few friends and I saw this guy I have been crushing on hard for a few months. I was looking cute, my make up was on fleek, so I was not even worried about my look and the Chemistry connection was amazing he had no clue I was crushing on him because he was crushing on me too. We decided to go into the water, but I did not want to go too far because I did not want to wet my hair. Out of no where this wave came and knocked me down causing my whole body to go into the water. When I got up he looked at me with grin on his face as if he was trying his best to hold back a laugh. Well, long story short the wave stole my wig, and there I was standing in the ocean trying my best not to cry, and laughing at myself because something told me to not wear my cute summer wig that day and just go to the beach rocking my real hair while also looking for my wig. I finally decided to get out the water because I thought the ocean sucked in my wig when I saw some kids running from this hair thing on the ground that happened to be wig. I picked it up with pride and just through it in a bag because girl it was not cheap!!!! Well for the guy, It turned out to be a great ice breaker for us to get to know each other seeing me getting knocked down into the ocean and losing my wig. 
— Sandy, NY
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A fews years ago I was dating this girl and I went to a water park with her and a few of her cousins. We were in the wave pool just hanging out when I huge wave came out of no where. My girl at the time was on my back because she could not swim and where we were in the pool was a little taller then her. Me of course as the gentlemen was just chilling with my girl on my back cooling from the summer heat in the wave pool. Well, back to my story. When the wave came in my girlfriend literally pushed me down into the water and jumped off my back to a close side rail. I ended up loosing my balance and falling head first into the waves of the pool. The waves of that pool were so strong that I could not catch my balance. The next thing I remembered after my girl nearly drowned me was some man dragging me out the pool wearing speedo bathing suit as I was trying to catch my breath from almost drowning. All I could have said was Thank you man because he did save me from drowning, but in my head I was thinking why does he have a speedo on at the water park. Somethings should just be banned.
— Jay, NY