About Makadrez


Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY I always had a passion for the arts, business and connecting with individuals that were head honchos at doing what they love.  The idea to start this website came about in 2014 when I realized I was always bumping into people that had amazing talents, but no place to showcase their work. This really bothered me because nobody really knew about those individuals amazing talents other then the people that were in their inner circles. Creating Makadrez allowed me to not only shine light on those individuals striving to build their own lanes, but it has also allowed me to scratch the creative bug that was itching me to think outside the box because I am naturally a introvert.

Makadrez is a online publication and visual media company that is about shining light on creative and innovative entrepreneurs within the African American community and of other minority backgrounds. I know by now you may be wondering "what does that word mean". Makadrez is a word I really just made up that is a mixture of the Japanese word Maka and the urban dictionary word Drez (yes, I did use the urban dictionary you can't ever limit your creativity). The word Maka has many meanings in the Japanese language, but the definition that stood out to me was that Maka means "The Great" and in the urban dictionary Drez means "Teacher". So, to sum it all up Makadrez means The Great Teacher. So, join me as a I share exclusive stories of individuals doing amazing things, talk about the culture, and share original content about lifestyle topics.